We do the crying for you.

In 1932, the Gold family saw an opportunity to provide fresh, jarred horseradish to the many delis and markets in their Brooklyn neighborhood. Most delis would grind their own horseradish root by hand, a laborious, time-consuming process that would often overwhelm the shops with a pungent, eye-watering aroma. The Golds decided to do the grating and crying for them, hand-crafting every batch with the freshest roots and creating a consistently strong and hot horseradish that New York’s best delis – and their customers – soon came to covet.

“I love being in the kitchen, and I can’t imagine cooking without Gold’s sauces at my side. They taste amazing, my kids love them, and I feel good about what we’re eating. Thank you, Gold’s!”

— Cheryl

The Fans’ Favorite

The Gold’s tradition and commitment to quality continues today. Gold’s now offers a full complement of gourmet horseradishes, mustards, soups and sauces. Gold’s remains the brand of choice at ballparks and stadiums, for foodservice operations, at leading restaurants, and in delis, grocery stores and kitchens up and down the east coast – and, now, all across the country.