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One Teaspoon of basic prepared horseradish has less than five calories, virtually no fat and more flavor than you can shake a skewer at.

Health Benefits

If you’re trying to lose weight, make sure horseradish, mustard and salsa are on your shopping list, advises recent guidelines on obesity from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). These condiments received high marks throughout the guidelines for their low-fat, high-flavor qualities.



Back in 1932, when it all began, Tillie and Hyman Gold did all the work by hand. Cleaning, cutting and grating the horseradish roots; measuring and mixing the ingredients; filling the jars; pasting on the labels (with paste made at home with flour and water)...all by hand, one
jar at a time. Then, as now, it was of the utmost importance to get our all natural products to the customer immediately after manufacturing in order to ensure freshness. Even if that meant just one or two jars at a time for each store, freshness was a primary concern.

As orders for Gold's Horseradish increased, so did the need to have equipment that would allow us to mass produce and package our horseradish with the same care and principles that made our name and products famous.





Today, our products are manufactured in a new plant in Hempstead, New York. And while Gold's Horseradish is produced using the same recipe we used in 1932, we are continually creating new products to add to our line.



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