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Low-Calorie Borscht
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Low-Calorie Borscht

Our Low-Calorie Borscht soup has all of the juiciness and depth of flavor of our classic Borscht, but with no added sugars. This still-sweet and savory beet soup is a lighter, but equally tasty, option for Borscht lovers everywhere. All of our borscht varieties are Kosher for Passover as certified by The Orthodox Union.

Kosher for Passover

We follow the strict protocols for each ingredient that qualify many of our products as Kosher for Passover, as certified by The Orthodox Union.

“It’s good to be able to have my Borscht and still feel like it’s simple and healthy. Sort of an under the radar dish, but I like it that way. My friends always comment how surprised they are when I serve it at home or little get togethers.”

— Leslie

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