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Nathan’s Spicy Brown Mustard
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Nathan’s Spicy Brown Mustard

Liven up any hot dog or meal with the classic, bold flavors of Nathan’s Spicy Brown Mustard. Made from coarsely-ground mustard seeds and a robust blend of spices, this mustard is anything but average.

Convenient Sizes for All!

Whether you run a deli, a market, or are a foodservice supplier – or you’re simply looking for a jar for your own kitchen – Nathan’s Spicy Brown Mustard is now available across the country in convenient sizes!

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“This is the greatest spicy brown mustard on Earth! They put it on the hotdogs at Fenway, and I’m glad I can bring it home and have it everywhere.”

— Jason

Product Information

Gold's and Nathan’s products are carried by distributors across the country. Get in touch with your local representative and see what a difference our fresh condiments, sauces and soups can make in your meals!